Givio provides charitable giving and fundraising apps designed to making the experience of giving easier and more impactful than ever. Why do people use Givio? Because it is so easy to use.

Here's a quick summary of the what's, how's and why's.

  1. Givio provides mobile apps that you can download from your favorite app store, use in Slack, and access through online banking platforms. 
  2. We maintain a vetted database of approximately 1.6 million US charities, schools, churches and Native American tribes, as well as a growing list of NGOs (starting with Canada). Our "charity pages" present publicly available information about each org in an easy-to-read, pleasant-to-view design.
  3. Users create accounts, give to nonprofits and create simple fundraising campaigns that can be shared across most any digital communication platforms. 
  4. Neither Givio nor the Givio Charitable Foundation have been hired to raise funds on behalf of any nonprofit organization. Users choose the orgs they want to support. 
  5. Nonprofits do not pay fees to be listed in Givio. Any nonprofit that wishes not to be listed in the Givio app can contact us to request removal.
  6. Donors do not pay to use Givio. Instead, Givio charges a 4.0% transaction fee as part of the processing of each donation. Payment processors (e.g. credit card companies) will also charge a fee for using their services, typically 2.2% + $0.30. In some giving Campaigns, fees are covered by a program sponsor. 
  7. Gift transactions are processed using secure, PCI-compliant, industry-leading services, such as Stripe and Braintree, who also provide payment data security.
  8. All donations are received and receipted by Givio Charitable Foundation (GCF), a tax-exempt 501c3 foundation, before being granted to your chosen nonprofit. Recipient orgs are vetted against certain government registries to avoid illegal contributions. Donors whose chosen nonprofits fail a vetting step are contacted in order to choose a different recipient. 
  9. Your data is protected and your confidentiality respected. Donors using Givio often choose to remain anonymous and not share their contact information. Givio does not sell or trade donor data. We must maintain certain donation data for legal purposes.

Whether you use Givio on your phone or through your bank, or you just respond to a Givio user's request to give to a campaign, we want you to be able to give when the moment strikes. Thanks!