1. Search for a specific nonprofit or campaign. 

On the home page, use the search bar to enter the nonprofit's name or the EIN, then tap the search icon (the magnifying glass). You will see your results below in two tabs: Nonprofits and Campaigns. You can toggle between the two tabs to view the results in each tab. 

  • Nonprofits include charities, schools and Native Nations.

  • Campaigns are mini-fundraisers benefitting a Nonprofit and created by a Givio Member (known as an "Organizer"). Anyone can give to any campaign.

2. View featured nonprofits, by category type.  

On the home page, you'll see a grid of our featured Categories. Click on the category of your choice to see a selection of nonprofits whose missions align with that category. All Nonprofits in our database of 1 million+ organizations have one or more categories associated with them. So, for example nonprofit in the Food category, might also provide Community Services, or vice versa. Searching the Categories can be helpful if you know you want to contribute to an organization providing services in a specific area, but aren't sure which nonprofit to search for. For example, you may want to support environmental conservation efforts -- just click on the Environment category and you'll find a broad selection to choose from. 

We will continue to update the Category tiles based on donor activity, topics in the news, and more.

From the Category page, if you want to search for a specific nonprofit that comes to mind, return to the Home screen and use the search bar at the top (per instructions in #1, above).


1. Search for a specific nonprofit 

On the home page, use the search bar to enter the nonprofit's official name or the EIN (Electronic Identification Number issued by the IRS).

2. Browse featured nonprofits, by category type.  

On your financial institution's Givio page, you'll see a grid of pre-selected featured Categories. Within these cause categories you will find a limited selection of highlighted nonprofits. These cause categories can help you discover nonprofits that may align with your values.