Givio is designed for you, the giver. As we focus on the experience of giving, that leads us to some pretty fundamental differences between Givio and other software that you may have encountered when trying to make an online donation.

  1. Tap & give - it really is that easy. We remove the obstacles to giving. No forms for a user to fill out before you can even give, no contracts for companies to run a workplace giving campaign. Once you're a Givio member -- or your an account holder at a Givio enabled bank -- giving is as easy as tap, give and go.

  2. Sharing amplifies every gift. Maybe you just did a good thing by giving to your favorite nonprofit, and now you want to share with a friend? It just takes one more tap to share a your nonprofit's Givio page or campaign page to any network, across any platform. When your connections receive your message, all they have to do is tap & give. No need to be a member of one kind of platform or another. No need to sign up for or download anything.

  3. We are not in the business of collecting donor data to sell it to someone else, unlike some other giving platforms. With Givio, the giver comes first. Privacy, security, and control are all things we'd want for ourselves, so we've given that to you. Give anonymously if you wish. Or share your name and contact info with one charity (but maybe not another). You deserve to be able to make that choice for yourself.

  4. Nonprofits get their funds faster. Did you realize sometimes nonprofits have to wait a LONG time to receive the funds you're so eager to donate when you give on almost all of the popular social media fundraising platforms? Sometimes it may take up to 4 months. Sometimes, even longer. In fact, we know some nonprofits that have never received their funds, years after their fundraising campaign closed. You will never have to wonder about that with Givio. We disburse our funds monthly. And with a large campaigns, we disburse immediately after campaign close when requested by the organizing nonprofit.

  5. Everyone can use the same software for free. And "everyone" means (a) individual givers, (b) companies running a workplace giving campaign, and even (c) nonprofits who receive donations or may want to run a campaign of their own.