Every 501c3 nonprofit organization registered with the IRS as eligible to receive tax-deductible donations probably already has an account on Givio. Your account allows givers to learn about your organization with a description, photos, and even your Instagram feed if you have one. Any giver can give to your organization from your Givio page. This service is totally free to your nonprofit. 

To find your nonprofit on Givio: 

Download the app to your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play 

Enter the name of your nonprofit in the search bar on the home screen. Results with your nonprofit's name should be delivered. Tap on your nonprofit, making sure the search entry's EIN number matches your own.

Can't find your nonprofit? Try these steps: 

  1. Spell out the full name. Sometimes your nonprofit may popularly be referred to by an acronym or a shortened name. The name filed with the IRS is the first search result you will find. Sometimes if the IRS registered name is different enough from the acronym or shortened name, you may not see anything similar show in up your search results.

  2. Search by EIN number. If the EIN number doesn't produce results, the nonprofit may not be in our database.

If you still can't find your nonprofit, contact us and we'll make sure your nonprofits gets added to our database with a free Givio page.

To claim your nonprofit: 

The claim process is simple. Just fill out this short claim form so we can verify you're eligible to claim your nonprofit. Once you're verified, we can work with you to set up ACH payments, edit your Givio profile, and get donor data. 

Claimed, or unclaimed, we still process donations to any eligible nonprofit using its primary address on file with the IRS.