Givio and the Givio Charitable Foundation provide services that help nonprofits, schools and Native Nations achieve their goals for less. Less time, less effort, and less cost.

By making the giving process fast, smooth and reliable, more people are able to successfully make more donations, any time they feel like it. As you know, most nonprofits operate on tight budgets with limited excess funding. So we've created the technology to streamline the process for them

Givers and nonprofits alike can create fundraising campaigns on Givio that are infinitely shareable. Because givers aren't required to sign-up, sign-in or use a particular device or app to give, one campaign can be shared everywhere, with everyone. 

And the best part, Givio disburses donations faster! Nonprofits can do their best work when they can be responsive. So when they raise desperately needed funds through campaigns, they want to actually receive those funds quickly! Other giving platforms make them wait upto 4 months or more. Givio as a rule disburses donations every month. But what's even better is that we'll disburse campaign funds immediately upon close of a large campaign if a nonprofit requests it. Our aim is to not just make giving better, but to help nonprofits do what they do, faster, and easier.