We have more than a million U.S. nonprofits in the Givio database. Every US, 501c3 nonprofit eligible to receive tax-deductible donations either already is, or can be added to our database. This includes charities, schools, associations, health care facilities and Native Nations.


And you can look forward to Givio expanding on these in the near future, including Canadian and internationally based nonprofits.

Can't find the nonprofit you are looking for? Try these steps: 

  1. Spell out the full name. Sometimes you may know a nonprofit by an acronym or a shortened name. The name they have filed with the IRS is the first search result you will find. Sometimes if the IRS registered name is different enough from the acronym or shortened name, you may not see anything similar show in up your search results.

  2. Search by EIN number. If you happen to have the EIN number as issued by the IRS, that is the most precise way to search. If the EIN number doesn't produce results, the nonprofit may not be in our database.

If you still can't find your nonprofit and you're confident it is in good standing with the IRS as a 501c3, contact us and we'll get it sorted out right away!

Note: Givio Charitable Foundation will remove nonprofits that are flagged in the OFAC watch list to prevent donors from mistakenly supporting criminal or terrorist organizations. Additionally, prior to donation disbursement, nonprofits are cleared against the most recent OFAC list. In the case a donation is made to an OFAC flagged organization, the donor will be notified and given the opportunity to redirect their donation or receive a refund. Disbursements will not be made to OFAC flagged organizations.