With Givio, there are no direct costs to the giver. Both the app and membership are free. Givio charges an administration fee of not more than 4% to process the donation. This helps us maintain and improve the app, vet charities, process donations and generally keep our lights on. 

If you give with the app using a credit card, the payment merchant will charge the nonprofit a standard financial processing fee (usually 2.2% + 30c, less for ACH). If you make a gift through your online banking portal (yes, banks are now integrating directly with Givio to make it even easier for you to give!) then your bank may or may not charge an ACH fee. 

So, under normal circumstances, if you donate $100 to your favorite nonprofit through Givio, your nonprofit receives $93.50. If you give through your online banking account, your nonprofit could receive $96.00 or more. And that represents a much lower fundraising cost than even the best-run charities typically incur.

Givio makes giving simple ... and less costly.