Donor Advised Funds (DAF) work behind the scenes to make charitable giving easier and more trusted. For example, did you ever support a charity because someone asked you to, but you didn't really know what that charity is all about? With a DAF involved, you can be sure that someone is vetting the charity, checking to be sure it is a legit tax-exempt org, and making sure it complies with IRS reporting requirements. Givio Charitable Foundation provides these services - and more - to Givio donors.

When you give with Givio, the DAF checks the status of the recipient charity, issues you a receipt, and tracks your giving history so that your records are complete at tax time. 

And because Givio Charitable Foundation is able to bundle donations from many donors like yourself, the nonprofits actually have less resource-draining processing to do on their end. 

Bottom line, the services provided by the DAF keep the costs of giving as low as possible, while ensuring the best possible experience for you, the giver, as well as for the nonprofits and schools you want to support.