To make a charitable donation through Givio, just search, tap & give!


1 - Using the search bar at the top of the home screen, enter the name of the nonprofit you want to support, or a campaign supporting the nonprofit. We have more than 1+ million U.S. organizations in our database that are eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts. And Canadian nonprofits will be added soon!


2 - From the nonprofit's Givio page or from a campaign page, tap the Give button and select the amount you want to donate. You can give as little as $1 and as much as $10,000 in a single transaction.


3 - Tap on the payment button of your choice -- Google Pay or Stripe for Credit Card. Payment processing is secure and fast! Then choose if you want to share your name and email with your nonprofit (or not). Privacy is your choice.

You can either give as a 'guest' (no sign ups necessary) or as member by signing up (membership is free). You also have the option to give on the web, or in app, whether you're a member or not. 

Take note: If donating as a guest, you may want to opt-in to receive a one-time tax receipt message via email, every time you donate. Unless you're a member, there is no other way to access your tax receipt. You will see this option in a message immediately after you donate. 

If donating as a logged in member, your giving history is automatically saved and your tax receipts will always be available to you on your Givio app. 


Your donation immediately gets processed through the Givio Charitable Foundation, an IRS accredited 501c3 Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Givio Charitable receipts your gift, and then pools it with other gifts to be disbursed to the same organization, every month. There is no minimum amount required for a nonprofit to receive a disbursement. Compared to every other fundraising platform out there, nonprofits receive their funds much faster with Givio.


If you choose to share your name and email with the nonprofit, they will receive your information along with your donation. You may receive a thank you note from them, along with updates on their progress putting your generosity to work. 

If you choose to remain anonymous, the recipient organization will simply know they received a donation through Givio Charitable.


With Givio, you can give without downloading the app, and without signing up. But there are benefits to doing both. Having the app in your pocket allows you to be ready to give the instant inspiration strikes. And signing up for our free membership allows you to bookmark your favorite nonprofits, access your giving history and tax receipts whenever you want, and create and share campaigns for the missions you care about most. 

After all, giving makes you happy. And happy people give. It's a beautiful cycle.

You can download the app on the App Store on on Google Play