The short answer is "any way you want." But to give you a little more detail, the same Givio app can be used by individual givers, companies running workplace giving programs, and nonprofits organizing fundraising campaigns. We've made things simple. 

GIVING USING THE APP (scroll down for giving on the web)

  1. Download the Givio app from the Apple Store or Google Play. You can choose to become a member by signing up (it's free), or you can use the app as a 'guest'. The choice is yours.

  2. Find your favorite nonprofits or campaigns. Search by name in the search bar on the home screen and make your selection

  3. Tap an amount, and give. Secure payment processing through Google Pay or Stripe for credit card or is lightening quick!

  4. Give anonymously, or share your name and email with your nonprofit to receive updates on their progress. It's up to you!

  5. You can share a nonprofit's Givio page with your network, on any communication or social media platform. Because there is no membership required, anyone can give, and share on -- whether they have the app themselves, or not!

  6. Create and share giving campaigns to benefit your favorite nonprofits in less than 3 minutes!*

  7. Bookmark your favorite nonprofits for easy action, anytime the inspiration strikes*

  8. Track your giving history, filter by date, and access your tax receipts right from your phone*

* These features require givers to be a Givio member. Membership is free, and signing up takes less than 60 seconds.


  1. If someone shares a nonprofit Givio page or campaign link with you, just tap the link, tap the amount you want to donate, and tap again to give. Google Pay or Stripe for credit card make it secure and fast. You don't even have to download the Givio app, or sign up for anything.

  2. If you're giving on the web and you're not signed in as a member, you will receive a message after you donate, asking if you'd like your tax receipt emailed to you. Please note that this is the only way to receive a tax receipt if you're not a signed in as a member.

  3. Share on! You can continue to spread awareness and help raise funds by sharing what was just shared with you. There are no restrictions to sharing with any network, across any platform (unlike some other giving platforms.) Givio is the best kind of viral.


  1. If you love the Givio app (and we think you might) you can sign up for a free Givio membership account. With your membership, you can keep your entire Givio giving history and all your tax records in one place.

  2. Better still, bookmark your favorite nonprofits for easy access, and be ready to make an impact anytime the mood strikes you.

  3. Are you a nonprofit supporter, even an influencer? You can create campaigns for your favorite causes, share them with your friends and followers on your social media pages and in your stories, making an even greater contribution to the causes you care about.